About the Virtual Reality University

The Virtual Reality University platform is being developed to provide bespoke virtual reality and augmented reality education solutions and learning software for Universities and University Students. We at Virtual Reality University believes that the future of high-end, quality education lies in the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality learning experiences. We as humans are naturally programmed to learn best in 3D Environments where we can use all our senses to explore spaces and objects.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality plus Multi-user software equals the Education Metaverse. A place where University students can learn more about their specific university courses similar to real world scenarios and simulations. While having the capability to talk to other students, tutors, lecturers interested in the same experiences.

More About the Virtual Reality University organization structure and key partnerships

About Virtual Reality University

The virtual reality university platform is part of the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub project as well as the Virtual Reality School platform. This strategic partnership empowers the Virtual Reality University platform to exist in this innovative ecosystem. The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub specializes in creating high-end virtual and augmented reality content for the Virtual Reality University platform.