Virtual Reality Classroom

Virtual Reality Classroom

We’ve created a Virtual Reality classroom app. (The Virtual Reality Classroom software is currently in BETA.) The Virtual Reality classroom experience is designed to mimic a genuine classroom setting while also including a Virtual Reality Multi-user Metaverse experience. Students can access the classroom using their Virtual Reality headsets, or a Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop computer, much like in a traditional classroom. They can view other pupils in the Virtual Reality Classroom. Avatars are used to represent these pupils. The Avatar system allows users to modify their Avatars so that they appear as they do in real life!

These avatars are capable of interacting with other avatars and instructors.

One of the most intriguing and immersive tools for engaging pupils is virtual reality. By delivering experiences that are either not possible or practical in’real life,’ VR provides a new way for learners of all ages to immerse themselves within an experience – gripping their imagination while stimulating thought that has never been accessible before with traditional books, pictures, videos, etc., leading to higher levels of knowledge retention rates!

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